An evening event. October 22, 2011.

caleb and I met in early 2006. He came in to the coffee shop while I was working and we were introduced. I didn’t think much of it other than, “omg he is lyke sooo hawt.” Then he added me on Myspace (ohhh the internet), and we started talking online all the time. Every time we hung out, I thought there was no way he would ever like me. His friends and family knew he liked me, and vice versa, but everyone kept quiet, so neither of us knew how the other one felt.

Caleb’s sister, Bekah, and I were working together at the time and she had been asking me who I liked. I never confessed, but I didn’t need to because she showed up at work one day with this photo in an envelope for me. I’m a really bad liar, but even if I had tried, my smile gave it away. So, a little more time went on, and there were a few more girly freak outs that went something like this: “Caleb said (insert vague statement here). What does that mean?!” before I finally figured out that he liked me too.

We started dating on October 27th in 2007 after we got back from a MuteMath concert and a trip to the mountains with some of our closest friends. And we’ve been together ever since. So that’s our story (or at least my side of it), and in October this year, we’re getting married!